NYTimes.com Article: The Disabled, After 9/11

August 9, 2002

To the Editor:

Re "Sweeping Changes Pushed for Code on City High-Rises"
(front page, Aug. 2):

While it is gratifying to see planning under way to improve
high-rise emergency and evacuation procedures, people with
disabilities are too frequently overlooked in this process.

When the World Trade Center was attacked, many workers with
disabilities were instantly at a disadvantage because
planning had never been done to accommodate their specific

Whether someone is visually impaired, is in a wheelchair,
or has a short-term limitation like a broken leg, an
individual's specific needs must be understood and prepared
for before an emergency.

The whole scope of evacuation planning has changed after
Sept. 11, and as we focus on this issue, it is vital that
buildings and companies establish plans that leave no one
Chief Operating Officer
Easter Seals New York
New York, Aug. 2, 2002