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The End of the iBot?iBOT Wheelchair

Questions from end of stair-climbing wheelchair.-The nation's first stair-climbing wheelchair hit the market with a bang but disappeared with a whimper, a casualty of price that raises a big question: How much will society agree to pay for high-tech help for the disabled? Click here for article.

Obama honors 'historic piece of civil rights legislation'. Click here for article.

Obama celebrates ADA anniversary

President Barack Obama, left, looks on as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a signing ceremony of a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room of the White House Friday, July 24, 200Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks, as U.S. President Barack Obama looks on, at a signing ceremony for a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room of the White House in Washington on July 24, 2009. Click here for article.

Still more needs to be done with ADA, say advocates.--“Why is it 19 years after the passage of the ADA,” said Robert Gumson, manager of Independent Living Services for the New York State Education Department. “We still have people with disabilities living in nursing homes?” Click here for article.

Montpelier Boy Honored At ADA Celebration. Click here for article.

Jan Garrett, who now directs the Center for Independent Living, an advocacy group for people with disabilities in Berkeley, CaliforniaJan Garrett, who now directs the Center for Independent Living, an advocacy group for people with disabilities in Berkeley, California

Physically Disabled Can Be Abled Indeed Americans with disabilities are, in one sense, just like everybody else:Click here for article.

Cyberdyne's Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) Cyberdyne's Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL)

Wearable robotic suit could help disabled to walk. Click here for article.

Budget cuts hitting elderly, disabled. But for retirees John and Shirley Collier -- and 1.3 million other Californians -- money cut from their Supplemental Security Income may mean choosing between skimping on medication or skipping meals at the end of each month Click here for article.

New debate on how to decide best health treatmentsCoelho, who has epilepsy and was a key sponsor of the Americans With Disabilities Act, said the issue comes down to whether disabled people and other patients would get the medical care they need. Click here for article.

Advance Auto Parts Settles Disability Bias Suit with EEOC for $50,000 and Remedial Relief. Click here for article.

Barack Obama apologises for 'disabled' gaffe . US President Barack Obama has apologised for comparing his poor bowling alley skills to the Special Olympics, the competition for the disabled.Click here for article.

Middle's reaction to Obama's 'Tonight Show' gaffe most important ."That was like the Special Olympics or something," he told Jay Leno.Click here for article.

3 Jailed, 3 More Wanted in “Fight Club” Case. Click here for article.

FBI to investigate Corpus Christi State School 'fight club' case. Click here for article.

Police investigate alleged 'fight club' using mentally disabled . Click here for article.

Care-givers force disabled into fights: policeClick here for article.

Spurred on: Stephen Collins says being disabled makes him more determined to succeed in business

Disabled entrepeneurs held back by prejudice of investors. Click here for article.

Jury supports disabled home owner -- A Hampshire Superior Court jury has found in favor of a disabled man who claimed that a former friend cheated him out of his Ware home. Click here for article.

Half of British society sees disabled people as 'inferior' - Scope. Click here for article.

UK ratifies human rights treaty for disabled people. Click here for article.

Study Shows Possible Link Between Deaths and ADHD Drugs. Children taking stimulant drugs such as Ritalin to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are several times as likely to suffer sudden, unexplained death. Click here for article.

Providing Cellphones for the Poor . It came in the form of a free cellphone and free service. Click here for article.

Issue over access for disabled people should concern all. Click here for article.

ARC favors 'people-first' name for state agency serving disabled. Click here for article.

Loans for people on DSS: Swift fiscal assistance for physically challenged people. Click here for article.

President Supports Bill to Expand Medicaid Services for Disabled . Click here for article.

In UK, Have your say - more control for disabled people. Click here for article.

PROMISES, PROMISES: Polling places lack access. Click here for article.

Deadly group home fire caused by 'human action' . Click here for article.

Campaign for Disability Employment Announces Online Video Contest. Click here for more.

Kennedy health plan aids elders, young adults--The 651-page bill released by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass, calls for a new long-term care insurance program that would provide modest assistance at an affordable premium to help disabled people keep living in their own homes. Click here for article.

Democrats Look To Expand Disability Services.--"The way I see it, [this] is a civil rights issue," said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, a member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. "As far as I'm concerned, there is no health reform without the Community Choice Act." Click here for article.

State's in-home, day caregivers fear budget ax-Both her mother and brother qualify for aides to come to the home for 90 hours a month, and they receive additional Medi-Cal services and other programs as well.Click here for article.

Metro Takes Another Look At Rising Paratransit Costs-The growing population of elderly and disabled people in the Washington area is threatening to overwhelm the door-to-door regional paratransit service that Metro operates for those who are unable to ride the subway or bus, officials said. Click here for article.

Budget knife threatens popular state programs.--Eliminating mandates for absentee ballots, aid to police and firefighters killed on duty and animal shelter rules could save $100 million. Local governments would have to pay to save them. Click here for article.

Owner of Texas firm says no labor laws violated. Click here for article.

Helping disabled people fly planes. Click here for article.

Greenhouse project serves disabled. Click here for article.

Technology has redefined what it means to be `disabled' Click here for article.

EEOC sues United over handling of disabled workers. Click here for article.

In UK: C4 tells disabled people How to Look Good NakedChannel 4 has ordered a three-part run of How to Look Good Naked featuring people with disabilities. Click here for article.

Disney World ban on Segways faces another challenge--Disability-rights advocates on U.S. Army Maj. Daniel Gade (left) leads a Segway protest in downtown Orlando. Wounded Warriors, a group of disable veterans, protested Disney's ban on Segways. (RED HUBER, ORLANDO SENTINEL / June 3, 2009)Wednesday sought to persuade a federal judge to reject a proposed settlement between Disney and three disabled people that would allow Disney to continue prohibiting the two-wheeled scooters inside its theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim, Calif. Click here for article.

Suddenly disabled, D'Andrea invests his money in hope and 'trust'-Stem cells, disabled access are paralyzed man’s focus . Click here for article.

Staff Benda Bilili: Celebrate, Not Pity--We also did a song which is a tribute to James Brown, it's called "Sex machine", cause the disabled people aka the "bamuelas" are extremly hot ..Click here for article.

The business of accessibility. Click here for article.

The business of accessibility. Click here for article.

Aid loss makes barrier for disabled couple wedding--Four years ago, a mutual friend gave Adcock's phone number to McNutt. They wrote. They met. And they decided to make a commitment. Click here for article.

Protected at last – gay and disabled Scots hail hate crime law. Click here for article.

Covering the uninsured: A cost that pays--Click here for article.

Covering the uninsured: A cost that pays--Click here for article.

Crafting for the Body and Soul --The climbers who’d once pitied him, called for him to be disqualified from competitive free climbing, claiming that his “super-legs” gave him an unfair advantage. Click here for article.

Event helps disabled enjoy the open water. was one of 110 Seacoast area adults living with developmental disabilities who attended the One Sky Community Services' annual Challenger's Cup Regatta at the Portsmouth Yacht Club. Click here for article.

Group Breaks Ground On Apartments For Disabled People. Click here for article.

Concern housing plan 'forgets disabled people'. Click here for article.

In Israel: Ingenious inventions for the disabled. Click here for article.

'Israel years behind in attitudes on disabled'. Israel lags some 15 years behind the US in its public attitudes, awareness and treatment of people with mental disabilities and intellectual challenges, according to Prof. Arie Rimmerman, a leading local expert from the University of Haifa's School of Social Work. Click here for article.

BIONIC EYE SHEDS LIGHT ON BLINDNESS.-People who were totally blind could at first perceive dots of light that allowed them to avoid bumping into objects. Now, as the system is progressing, they can begin to make out the outlines of faces and other large objects. Click here for story

Right-to-die fight is disabled man's will to live Now that authorities have effectively shut down the Final Exit Network, Perry said he's found his reason to live.Click here for article.

Disabled taxpayers eligible for special tax benefits . Click here for artcle.

Blind spa, deaf couriers: India and disabled rights Click here for article.

Special-needs adults face post-school issues. Click here for article.

Desert ADAPTers celebrate their new billboard with an all night vigil and press conference.. Click here for more.

Custom-made for the disabled . Click here for article.

USA, Canada and the EU attempt to kill treaty to protect blind people's access to written material. Click here for blog.

Wanted: Kossacks to twist Obama's arm...The USA, the EU, Canada are being joined by Norway, Australia, New Zealand and (I kid you not) the Vatican in opposing the Treaty. They are blocking a set of harmonized exceptions that would ensure that copyrighted material is made available for the disabled. Click here for article.

In UK: The quest for equality;Significant steps have been made in the past 15 years to create a genuine state of equality in which disabled people can thrive. But this is no time to be complacent. Click here for article.

Individual thinkingIndependent care for disabled people has evolved as far as it can in its current guise. But are providers ready to take the next step? Click here for article.

Advocates for the disabled criticize proposed ADA waiver for stimulus projects. Click here for article.

Lawsuit filed to save disabled Chicoan's home. To prevent a Chico woman from losing her home, several lawyers filed suit against three firms they accused of engaging in a "predatory lending scheme." Click here for article.

Medvedev: Russia to boost support for disabled MOSCOW, April 7 (Reuters) - Russia plans to boost spending and enact legislation to ease the plight of 13 million disabled people, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday. Click here for article.

Disabled system ;Former nurse battles state, federal red tape. Click here for article.

Disabled man losing job in political changeover . Click here for article.


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