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Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle: A Winner Nevertheless!

In Susan Boyle's hometown, heartbreak and hope Click here for article.

The Hairy Angel Susan Boyle finds an unlikely fan in the Prince of Wales. Click here for article.

Susan Boyle wins 2nd place on 'Britain's got Talent'--"The best people won," Boyle said. "They're very entertaining. Lads, I wish you all the best." .
Click here for article.

Susan Boyle Loses on British Talent TV Show . Click here for article.

Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor a Role Model for Kids With Diabetes. Click here for article.

Judge Sotomayor's Diabetes: Not a Weakness But a Strength . Click here for article.

On the Bench, With Fairness and Empathy . Marilyn Bartlett v. New York State Board of Law Examiners. Click here for article.

NYS IL Leader, Todd Edward Eggert died on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 after a long battle with cancer. Click here for article.

Members of the group of disabled activist ADAPT in front of White House

Protesters block White House gate. Click here for article.

91 protesters arrested at White House. Click here for article.

Police Arresting Angry Members of the Disabled Community Who Are Picketing White House Click here for article.

More Than 100 Arrested in Series of Protests. Members of the advocacy group ADAPT gathered to raise awareness of the Community Choice Act. Click here for article.

The Disability Empowerment Center of Arizona

New center helps the disabled live independently Click here for article.

Disabled 'pay more for journeys'. Click here for article.

A person in a wheelchair in frontof the US Capitol© 2009 David Sachs / SEIU

ADAPT and SEIU Rally in D.C. for Home Care. Click here for article.

Fourth "Nick's Crusade" Video Blog: Obama Fail! Administration Refuses To Lead On Disability Desegregation. Click here for more.

Woman who lived 60 Martha Mason, dies at 72years in iron lung dies (with story, links to previous articles, video interview, documentary excerpts, obituary, guest book, and how to purchase Martha Mason's book) Click here for story.

Himes: Seniors, disabled vets to begin getting one-time $250 recovery checks Click here for article.

The Disability MessThe 2010 budget unveiled on Thursday by the Obama administration estimates that the government can generate huge savings if it devotes more resources to eliminating fraud, abuse and waste in Medicare, Medicaid and the Social Security disability insurance program. Click here for opinion.

Pontiff Defends Role of Disabled in Society Click here for article.

Horizon House support staffers Adam Mize and Jennifer Pittman, and Claude Stacey cheer for better state treatment of the developmentally disabled during the Freedom Quest 09 rally Tuesday afternoon. The group makes up part of the 10 local representatives

And freedom for allTheir voices may, at times, be difficult to understand, but the message coming from the developmentally disabled community in the Illinois Valley and around the state is clear: equality and freedom now. Click here for article.

GAO report: Special-needs kids abused in schools-- Congressional auditors have uncovered widespread abuse of techniques use to restrain or discipline special-education students in U.S. schools, with some deaths linked to the practices, a top congressman says. Click here for article.

Obama pick for HHS faces questions about state aid.The decision has been strongly criticized by Interhab, a group representing other groups that provide services to the disabled and manage their cases under state contracts. Tom Laing, its executive director, said the decision was "extraordinary and highly improper." Click here for article

Diana LevineHigh court upholds right to sue drugmakers . Nine years ago, Diana Levine lost her lower arm to gangrene after a botched injection of the Wyeth drug Phenergan. Click here for article.

The disabled help the disabled . Click here for article.

Canada's Supreme Court Declines To Hear Appeal On Free Seats For Disabled. Click here for article.

Expediting Social Security disability claims for the severely disabled. Click here for article.

Paralyzed RI lawmaker hails stem cell decision.Though doctors told him he would never walk again, Langevin said he's remained optimistic for a scientific breakthrough that would make it possible. Click here for article.

Harkin, Davis Set to Introduce ADAPT's Community Choice Act on March 24. Click here for more.

Iowa senator says case show flaws in labor laws.The Iowa case, where some workers were paid as little as 44 cents per hour, shows weaknesses in laws that allow employers to pay less than the minimum wage to workers under. Click here for article.

Suit says school employee burst disabled student’s eardrum Click here for article.

Turning clocks forward could be bad for your ticker Click here for article.

Montgomery wants alternatives to MetroAccess for the disabled“Many participants are either left stranded or they are never picked up by the MetroAccess vehicles,” Leggett’s letter said. Click here for article.

Advocates say rights of disabled trampledAccess at issue in stimulus projects. Click here for article.

 Minnesota bill would offer contracting preferences to disabled soldiers. Click here for article.

Advocates for disabled raise concern on stimulus projects. Click here for article.

Disabled Spanish athletes reach South Pole: report. The expedition was aimed at showing that nothing is impossible for those with disabilities. Click here for article.

Kirby vacuum salesmen take advantage of old and disabled consumers Click here for article.

Real People: Businessman makes a difference hiring disabled. Click here for article.

State disabled death rate higher.The number of developmentally disabled clients cared for by the state who have died this year appears to be abnormally high compared to past years. Click here for article.

Task force urges action to help mentally disabled .A governor-appointed task force on Friday said it will urge "swift and thorough action" from the state in preventing future abuses as it examines Iowa's laws and regulations on the care and employment of mentally disabled adults. Click here for article.

Disabled woman faces foreclosure. A disabled woman finds herself fighting to save the Ft. Pierce home she and her adult son have lived in for 24 years. Click here for article.

Miracle Mom Leaves Hospital After 56 Days A miracle went home from the hospital Wednesday. Now, we know the word miracle is used far too often, but this time, well, you decide. Click here for article.

Four charged in assisted suicide ring as FBI investigates 'Final Exit Network'. Four members of an alleged assisted suicide ring have been charged with helping a 58-year-old man end his life. The arrests came after a sting operation in which an undercover agent posed as a member of the 'Final Exit Network' group. Click here for article.

Seth Harris, Nominee for Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Life Without Limits Project of the United Cerebral Palsy Association. Click here for more.

New Rule Enacted by Bush Administration Impedes Cases Against Nursing Homes. Click here for article.


The newly-designed Kindle ebook reader from Amazon can read your books aloud - but should it be allowed to do so?

The Kindle Swindle?The Kindle 2 is a portable, wireless, paperback-size device onto which people can download a virtual library of digitalized titles. Click here for article.

Thousands of disabled wait for state help Click here for article.

NYC tests technology to help disabled call cabs New York City is working to make it easier for disabled passengers to call a wheelchair-accessible cab. Click here for article.

Agency provides critical home repairs for elderly, disabled-The national nonprofit group Rebuilding Together recently opened an L.A. branch, bringing together skilled laborers and students who aim to repair about 100 homes of the needy this year. Click here for article.

Antibodies protect against bird flu and more-Researchers have discovered human antibodies that neutralize not only H5N1 bird flu but other strains of influenza as well and say they hope to develop them into lifesaving treatments. Click here for article.

Vice President Joe Biden: 'This is a movement' for change.-Biden chose his visit to the Games to announce the appointment of Kareem Dale as special assistant to the president for disability policy. Click here for article.

Apple settles disabled-access lawsuit-Apple has come to a resolution with lawyers and plaintiffs in a lawsuit regarding disabled access at its San Francisco retail location, according to ifoAppleStore. Click here for article.

Economic Stimulus Funding Remains for Older Blind, and Bill Includes Mandate to Spend Special Ed Funding for Special Education. Click here for details.

Recession, Job Losses Hit Those with Disabilities Hard, Reports Allsup. Click here for release.

Company profited from labor of disabled Texans-Employer is accused of pocketing as much as $40,000 in wages a month. Click here for article.

Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home. Click here for article.

Women more likely to be disabled by stroke Click here for article.

Octuplets' mom had six embryos implanted through IVF.. She has two children with disabilities. Click here for article.

How stimulus can help your walletClick here for article.

Anticipated cuts to SSI will harm the elderly, blind and disabled.Click here for article.

Tax tip: Tax benefits for disabled taxpayers-There are several tax credits and benefits available to qualifying taxpayers with disabilities as well as to the parents of disabled children. Click here for article.

The Amazing Race's first-ever deaf contestant, Luke. Meet Margaret and Luke, contestants on The Amazing Race 14Click here for more.or click here for video

The way disabled people are represented by the media has a big impact on how they are regarded.--Click here for more. Disability Now.

Robotic surgery: More info on partial knee replacements. Click here for more.

Two Prominent Members of the Disability Community will Serve as Special Advisors to the President. Click here for more.

Disabled wants less pity, more inclusion-.Click here for article.


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