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The ILUSA News Page. With over 120 sources of information. We bring news, highlights of events, notices, and information of interest to the disability community.
E-Advocacy: Tools for Electronic Advocacy  Tools for electronic advocacy, such as e-mail, and others. 
Advocacy The web sites of organizations spearheading the grass-roots movement for independent living, providing legal advocacy, education, and children's rights advocacy. Most popular sites at the top of the list.Also include the web sites for Congress and the White House.
National (U.S. Government) This category has the web sites of the U.S.A. Government agencies with the disability related agencies listed first.On one bar there is a link to view all the Official U.S. Government world-wide web sites and all the web sites for all the States.
Directory of ILCs Need Help?Here is an exhaustive list of Independent Living Centers, by states and countries, including addresses, telephone numbers, and web sites or e-mail addresses where available.Use this Page to find information on disability in other states.
Arts and Literature Web sites on the arts and literature of and for people with disabilities.
Resources for Parents A modest list of web sites on parenting. Parent Advocacy web sites are listed under Advocacy.
Employment Web site for job searching and information on opportunities for persons with disabilities.
Services Information for assisting people with disabilities to live more independently such as a drug reference online (also under health), service dogs, grocer online, PAS, legal resources, and a lot more to come.
Web Sites for States  Official web sites for all 50 States 
Articles  Archived copies of some of the articles which have appeared on this website. 
Associations A Page of links to nationwide organizations with local chapters or affiliates, or organizations that provide national wide information from a centralized headquarters (.e.g., American Heart Association).
Disabilities and Medical Conditions This category provides thousand of links to web sites of specific disabilities (.e.g., cerebral palsy) and important medical conditions (ex: appendicitis). Wherever possible we have provided an official medical site along one of a support group, or representing people with the particular disability or medical condition (for exampe, HIV/AIDS). List is not completed.
Products From assistive technology software to wheelchair manufacturers.
Publications A huge list of disability, medical or health relatedmagazines and publications available. Check the latest disability and research news by accessing these sites.
Foundations A database of over 250 foundations, and other resources for not-for-profit organizations and ILCs.
Interviews and Bios This page contains authorized copies of magazine articles on important individuals in leadership positions in the disability community, or who hold important positions which impact on the lives of people with disabilities.
Travel Web sites that provide information on accessible travel, places to stay, and tips.
ILC Resources This Page provides useful information for ILC directors, boards , board members, and staffs.
Sports Web site for the disability jock, or athelete.
Health Links to national and international health organizations, medical periodicals, and web sites on nutrition. A DPR like reference online is available
For Directors Only This still developing area will highlight key issues in the managing of a not-for-profit, from legal and ethical problems. Resources such as Newsletters online, such as Food for Thought in the Bay Area of San Francisco.
Technology Assistive technology and software, hardware suppliers and manufacturers, and more.
Computing Web sites for techie's and gicks on computing technology, software. Links to university programs, and leading edge developers of software for people with disabilites
Legal Web sites of legal advocacy groups or programs doing litigation in ADA, Social Security work Incentives, etc.
Education A broad spectrum of disability related educational web sites from Universities, to pre-K, to everything in between. Many advocacy sites listed here.
Research Science and technical research web sites on a variety of disabilities, and subjects.
International Numerous foreign based sites on disabilities.
Politics Web sites of the major political organizations, and links to other newsletters, and organizations of a political nature.
Sponsors Information on our principal sponsors and manufacture of assistive telecommunication equipmentBell Atlantic
Religion Religion sites, of missions and other groups, for people with disabilites.
Forum and Chats Under construction. Due to the mature content of some of the chats and forums, we will be adding chats after careful review.
Classified Ads Place your own ads for selling or buying almost anything. Post vacant positions for your organization, apartments/homes, and other information.[Business may not post to this area unless authorized.]
Lifestyles For information on what others are doing and how other folks are doing it.
Bulletin Boards Links to disability bullentin boards, forums, and News Groups.
Miscellaneous Web sites and links with mix content, but useful information. Also, amusing sites with live mini cams feeds from Paris, the Brooklyn Bridge, and other places of interest.
Rules The required disclaimer and legal stuff. Please read at least once.
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Calendar of Events NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.A calendar of national conferences, conventions, organizational meetings, and important dates. Updated a information is received.


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