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The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund A Berkeley California based legal advocacy and policyorganization for people with disabilities.
Justice for ALL Newsletter sent by Email with most recent disability and advocacy information US - national
Attendant (PAS) care, and advocacy group.
Let's Get Together, Inc. My name is Mark Johnson, New Mobility Magazine's Person of the Year in 2001. This site is dedicated to the pioneers of the movement and the people and groups that are making a difference. Go to
MadNationnew in yellow star burst Working together for social change and human rights in mental health
The National Health Law Program The National Health Law Program is a national public interest law firm that seeks to improve health care for
America's working and unemployed poor, minorities, the elderly and people with disabilities.
National Council on Independent Living (NCIL)new in yellow star burst National organizations of ILCs
AAPD   We're a non-profit, non-partisan, cross-disability organization whose goals are unity, leadership and impact. Membership organization.
ADA Watch The ADA WATCH campaign is a nonprofit informational online network designed to activate the disability community's grassroots in response to threats to civil rights protections for people with disabilities.
TASH TASH is an international advocacy association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates, and people who work in the disability field.
Disability Rights Advocates California legal advocacy group doing leading edge litigation on ADA.
Protection and Advocacy (NAPAS) The National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems: national representative for protection and advocacy, the Client Assistance Program, and the Protection and Advocacy for the Mentally Ill.
The ADA Celebration: Initiative 2000
A web site on the Year 2000 ADA anniversary.
Deaf Watch  One of the best Deaf Resource Center. 
Enable America   Thank you for your interest in Enable America!, our nation's first and only political action committee dedicated solely to advancing the bipartisan agenda of reducing unemployment among Americans with significant disabilities. We seek to make a difference through political action. 
Mind FreedomNew in sun burst 

The link for Support Coalition International will be permanently placed in the advocacy page, better known as the

Advocacy in Education- Fred Leiner, MA in School Administration A guide to advocating for your child in the special ed sustem in schools. by Fred Leiner, MA, School Administration
Advocates for Disabled in Fort Lauderdale Fl
Advocates, based in Framingham,MA Index of mental health, developmental disabilities, volunteers, community programs.
Aging with a Disability - The rehabilitation research and training center conducts rehabilitation research, trains others about findings, and provides information to consumers and professionals.
AllPIE Alliance for Parental Involvement in Education The Alliance for Parental Involvement in Education is a nonprofit organization which assists and encourages parental involvement in education, wherever that education takes place: in public school, in private school, or at home.
Association of Disability Advocates - USA National Association We are here to help you exercise your rights to equal access
CADRE: SJU List for Coalition Advocating Disability Reform in Education SJU List for Coalition Advocating Disability Reform in Education...THIS IS A LIST SERVER. You sign up and get mailings via e-mail about education reform for special ed
Citizen Advocacy of Greater Vancouver Citizen Advocacy helps members of the community (called Advocates) develop one-to-one, voluntary relationships with people from around the Lower Mainland who have disabilities (called Protégés).
Civil Rights Organization Contains information on hate crimes around the country; community, legal and law enforcement strategies to address those crimes; materials for young people, parents, and teachers to help them raise children who will grow up to accept and embrace the diversity of the country. With information on affirmative action, disability policy and religious freedom issues, congressional voting records and coalition members.
Concrete Change An international effort to make all homes visitable! Visi-ability.
Ct Parent Advocacy Center The Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center, Inc. (CPAC) is a state-wide training and information center for parents of infants, toddlers, children and youth with a disability or chronic illness.
Mental Health Advocay Working for improvement for the mental health community
Disability Advocates Advocate for the disabled in Calif. Contact information posted. New to the web, Site under construction
Disability Advocates Bulletin of the Pike Institute Summaries of recent developments in case law, administrative law, statutes, and regulations affecting people with disabilities, as well as recent books and articles in the field
Disability Etiquette Handbook DO's and Don'ts of dealing with the disabaled.
DISABILITY RESOURCES, INC. Welcome to Disability Resources, inc., a nonprofit organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability and accessibility of information for independent living.
The Disabilities/Industrial Complex  A forum for disability movement ideas. Great content for disability advocates.  
H.U.M.A.N. Handicapped United Means Accountability for all Nations
Inclusion & Parent Advocacy- A Resource Guide Originally designed as a buying guide for libraries, this comprehensive resource tool describes 265 books, videotapes, pamphlets, and other materials that can help libraries, parents, educators, child care centers, and other service providers plan for and implement inclusion.
Indiana Protection & Advocacy - PAIR The PAIR program has the authority to protect and advocate for services to persons with disabilities who are not eligible for the DDAP or PAIMI programs, or whose issues do not fall within the jurisdiction of CAP.
Links To Disability Legal and Advocacy Resources Links from the deaf watch site
National Advocates for the disabled Eldercare National Legal Support for Elderly People With Mental Disabilities
NOSSCR National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives
National Fair Housing Advocate Advocacy for equal housing rights
NYS Advocate's Office for Persons with Disabilities The NYS Office of Advocate for Persons with Disabilities (OAPwD) is a systems advocacy agency for people with disabilities whose primary mission is to ensure that people with disabilities have every opportunity to be productive and participating citizens.
OAB - Organization of Area Boards We have compiled information on this site to assist individuals with developmental disabilities, families, providers, advocates and interested people to learn about area boards and become better informed on issues affecting persons with developmental disabilities at the state and national level.
Oaks Group Parents, consumers, advocates, educators, service providers, others who believe persons with developmental disabilities should be fully included in the mainstream life of the community, that children should have the opportunity to grow up in families, and adults should receive supports and services to help them live as close as possible to the way people without developmental disabilities live; links to other advocacy organizations; newsletter.
Opportunities Unlimited Provides various services to individuals with developmental disabilites.
PDA Advocacy & Diversity This Two Part Video: Provides an up-to-the-minute look at people with disabilities and their rights related to housing situations, their medical rights, their right to opportunity and their just claim to expect the same rights that all Americans enjoy.
People First of Alaska Fourth International Self-Advocates Conference. "Pursue the Challenge: Leadership Conference for Self-Advocates" will be attended by more than 1,000 self-advocates from around the world.
Support Centers of America Support Center for Nonprofit Management is a consulting and training organization with a regional focus and a national reach.
The Invisible Disabilities Page This page is aimed to those of us who have diseases, disorders and disabilities that aren't visible to most people and are misunderstood, or even met by hostility by society at large
UCP - What's New? United Cerebral Palsey Newsletter
UHS -- Serving People with Disabilities We're a resource for people with disabilities and their families, as well as for health care professionals, service providers, and other members of the community.
Welcome to the Disability Advocacy Clinic Independent Paralegal Services, Inc. d/b/a Disability Advocacy Clinic (DAC).
Liberty Resources - Advocacy Services
The Public Advocate
1998 International People First Conference
Self Advocacy
Advocacy and Self-Advocacy Follow the path through this booklet to locateinformation and to find out what laws have beenenacted for children up to the age of 22
Advocacy Partners is the new name adopted by Citizen Advocacy Alliance, a charity with 14 years' experience providing advocacy services in London and Surrey in the United Kingdom. They offer both Citizen Advocacy and Crisis Advocacy services.
Advocacy and Self-Advocacy How to Help Others and Yourself
Advocates for Disabled Citizens, Akron, OH Lots of interesting links, but several are broken (including some internal pages)
Advocates for disabled in Fort Lauderdale Fl Listing of advocates in Florida, hard to read looks like one big run on sentence.
Autism Network International an autistic-run self-help and advocacy organization for autistic people.
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law. The Bazelon Center, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., is the leading national legal advocate for people with mental illness and mental retardation providing the civil rights and human dignity for people with mental disabilities.
Cole Vocational Services and First Step Independent Living serving people with developmental disabilities, careers, planning, self advocacy, and positive behavioral supports
Disability Rights Advocates self advocate that offers tools to other self-advocates and other related news.
NAOTD The National Alliance OF The DisAbled, Inc. is an online informational and advocacy organization dedicated to working towards gaining equal rights for the disAbled in all areas of life.
New Jersey Self Advocacy Regional Networks Throughout New Jersey, people with disabilities, their families and friends are becoming involved in grassroots advocacy find out how
People First of Illinois This page is presented by Tia Nelis, President and Chairperson of Self Advocates Becoming Empowered in the USA.
People First of Jackson County Oregon
Self Advocacy Bulletin Board The Arc of New Jersey Self Advocacy Bulletin Board. This bulletin board supports messages concerning Self Advocacy.
Self-Advocacy The Self-Advocacy Committee is a national standing committee of The Arc, and is comprised of people with and without disabilities.
SELF-ADVOCATES OF MONROE COUNTY Activities include learning about rights and responsibilities, learning about decision making/problem solving, speaking out for individual rights, learning to cope with labeling and stigmatization, learning how to help others, educating the community, contacting legislators/political leaders, speaking up for the rights of all people with disabilities
The Advocacy Communication Project The Advocacy Communication Project is a group of organizations and individuals who are dedicated to making Information Technology Accessible for All; They network with People First and other disability advocacy groups around the world in an effort to build an inclusive and diverse on-line Advocacy Community
THE SELF-ADVOCACY MOVEMENT THE SELF-ADVOCACY MOVEMENT by Bonnie Shoultz, Center on Human Policy. Paper or article on line.
Self-Advocacy Network (Springfield/Westfield area, Massachusetts)
Voice of The Cerebral Palsied of Greater Vancouver a self help advocacy group.
is an International Disability Advocacy Organization
The Advocacy Communication Project
The Invisible Disabilities Page
Voice of the Cerebral Palsied of Greater B.C.
Welcome to the Disability Advocacy Clinic
Advocacy Partners - Volunteer advocates in Surry and London England
Individual Advocacy Program
LEVEL BEST - Advocacy - England The advocacy service offers advice and support for people with physical, hearing or visual disabilities. Our advocates will make sure that disabled people get the services they need to promote their safety, dignity and independent living.
What C.A. Does
Autism Network International
Disability Advocates Bulletin of the Pike Institute Legal journal sepcific to disabilities legislation and case law

Advocacy Groups who are not online

Autism Society of America (ASA) 1234 Massachusetts Ave. NW - Suite 1017 Washington, DC 20005 (202) 783-0125 ASA is a national parent, professional and advocacy organization for people with autism offers services on a local level as well as public policy advocacy and information and referral services. This organization provides information relating to contemporary developments in the field of autism.

Advocacy Center for the Elderly and Disabled 1001 Howard Ave. - Suite 300A New Orleans, LA 70113 (800) 662-7705 522-2337 The center ensures the rights of the elderly and the disabled in Louisiana.

California State Council on Developmental Disabilities 1507 21st St. - room 340 Sacramento, CA 95816 (916) 322-8481 Support services and advocacy.

Colorado Division for Developmental Disabilities 3824 W. Princeton Circle Denver, CO 80236 (303) 762-4586 State government division for advocacy and support.

Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center 5 Church Lane East Lyme, CT 06333 (203) 739-3089 This statewide organization provides information and support to families of children with disabilites.

Deafpride Inc. 1350 Potomac Ave. SE Washington, DC 20003 (202) 675-6700 This non-profit, advocacy organization works for the human rights of deaf people and their families. Assists groups to organize and work together for change in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States. Publication: The Deafpride Advocate.

Developmental Disabilities Bureau Dept. of Health and Human Services 330 C St. SW Washington, DC 20201 (202) 245-0870 Support and advocacy services.

Easter Seal of Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties 621-A Water Street P. O. Box 626 Santa Cruz, CA 95061 (408) 427-3360 Support services and advocacy.

El Paso Lighthouse for the Blind 100 Dunne Street El Paso, TX 79905 (915) 532-4495 Support services and advocacy programs for blind and visually impaired persons.

Glaucoma Foundation 310 East 14th St. New York, NY 10003 (800) 832-3826 260-1000 National foundation, advocacy, support.

Governor’s Council for the Handicapped and Gifted 600 University Ave. - Suite C Fairbanks, AK 99701 (907) 474-2440 This is an advocacy council for persons with disabilities.

Helen Keller - Rocky Mountain Region 12075 East 45th St. - Suite 222 Denver, CO 80239 (303) 373-1204 Rehabilitation training for the deaf and blind for these states: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. Identification and advocacy of individuals who have sensori-impairments. Referral service. Helen Keller National Center - Southwestern Region 870 Market St. - Suite 853 San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 956-4562 The Helen Keller Center offers consulting, advocacy, information and referral as well as professional development and client follow-up services in the region (covering California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, Guam and Samoa).

Kansas City Association for the Blind 1844 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64108 (816) 421-5848 Advocacy and support group for blind and visually impaired persons in this area. Lighthouse for the Blind in New Orleans 123 State St. New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 899-4501 Advocacy and support services.

Lighthouse-Pacific Medical Ctr. Low Vision Services 2340 Clay Street at Webster San Francisco, CA 94115 (415) 563-4075 Advocacy and support services for blind and visually impaired persons.

Minneapolis Society for the Blind 1936 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 871-2222 Advocacy and support services.

Mt. Carmel Dept. for Visually Handicapped 17 Mulberry Street Newark, NJ 07102 (201) 596-4100 Advocacy and support services for visually impaired persons.

National Association for Parents of Visually Impaired 2180 Linway Dr. Beloit, WI 53511 (800) 562-6265 362-1380 Support and advocacy group.

National Center - Postsecondary Transition Students with Learning Disabilities University of Connecticut Storrs, CT (203) 486-4036 Information, advocacy and support services for students with learning disabilities.

National Center for Learning Disabilities 99 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016 (212) 687-7211 Advocacy and support services.

National Cued Speech Association P.O. Box 31345 Raleigh, NC 27622 (919) 828-1218 This membership organization provides advocacy and support regarding use of cued speech. Information and services are provided to hearing impaired persons of all ages, their families, friends and professionals who work with them.

National Fraternal Society of the Deaf 1300 W. Northwest Highway Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 (312) 392-9292 This group works in the area of life insurance and advocacy, information and referral for deaf persons. Publication: The Frat.

New York Institute for Special Education 999 Pelham Parkway Bronx, NY 10469 (212) 519-7000 Advocacy and support services for the disabled.

North Coast Cued Speech Services 23970 Hermitage Rd. Cleveland, OH 44122 (216) 292-6213 This is an advocacy and support services agency that provides education and training in cued speech and lipreading, consultation services and certification of teachers of cued speech.

North Mississippi Retardation P.O. Box 967 Oxford, MS 38655 (601) 234-1476 Advocacy and support services for the mentally retarded.

Oregon Disablities Commission 1880 Lancaster NE - Suite 106 Salem, OR 97310 (503) 378-3142 358-3117 The commission serves as the governor’s committee on employment of persons with disabilities. It provides information and referral and advocacy services, administering the deaf and hearing-impaired access program and the client assistance program.

PACER Center (Parent Advocacy Coalition-Ed. Rights) 4826 Chicago Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55417-1055 (612) 827-2966 PACER provides information, training and assistance to parents of children with disabilities. Advice is offered in the areas of appropriate education and interpretation of legal rights. PACER offers a Computer Resource Center which provides information on adapting PCs for use by disabled persons.

REACH (Rehab/Educ/Advocacy-Citizens w/ Handicaps) 617 7th Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76104 (817) 870-9082 REACH acquired C-CAD (Center for Computer Assistance to the Disabled) in January 1989. A non-profit training center for computer skills for jobs and daily life. They serve as a clearinghouse for information about computer applications.

Sensory Assistance Center Department of Justice 10th and Constitution NW Washington, DC 20530 (202) 633-5104 Training, diagnostic support and advocacy.

Short Stature Foundation P.O. Box 5356 Huntington Beach, CA 92165-5356 (714) 843-1103 This organization provides services, information and advocacy to enhance the positive well being of short statured individuals. Their goal is to make home, school, work and shopping more comfortable. They have created an adaptive device catalogue (non-technical) and provide job training and employment opportunities.

Sick Kids (Need) Involved People (SKIP) 118 Ned Ave. Slidell, LA 70460 (504) 649-0882 Founded by a coalition of families of technologically-assisted children and health care professionals, SKIP is a family support organization offering resource identification and advocacy - especially to families who have children requiring constant medical attention.

South Carolina Association for the Deaf 1723 Augusta Rd. West Columbia, SC 29169 (803) 794-3175 Advocacy and support services for the hearing impaired population.

St. Paul Society for the Blind 216 South Wabasha St. Paul, MN 55107 (612) 224-7662 Advocacy and support and family services.

Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind 1106 West Platt Street Tampa, FL 33606 (813) 251-2407 Advocacy and support services for blind and visually impaired individuals.

Texas Easter Seal Society 800 West Ave. - Bldg. C: Suite 100 Austin, TX 78701 (800) 492-5555 474-1272 Advocacy and support services for disabled residents of the Austin area.

The Catholic Guild for the Blind 525 Washington Street Buffalo, NY 14203 (716) 856-4494 Advocacy and support services.

The Foundation for Glaucoma Research 490 Post St. - Suite 1042 San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 986-3162 Support organization and advocacy.

The Guild for the Blind 180 North Michigan Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 236-8569 Advocacy and support services.

Utah Division Services - Visually Handicapped 309 East First South Salt Lake City, UT 84111 (801) 533-9393 State advocacy and support services organization.

Vocational Rehabilitation National Rehabilitation Hospital 102 Irving St. NW Washington, DC 20010-2949 (202) 877-1000 Advocacy, counseling and support services.

West Texas Lighthouse for the Blind 2001 Austin St. San Angelo, TX 76903 (915) 655-1010 653-4231 Mr. Robert Porter Agen Advocacy and support services.

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