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Updated August 15, 2005
Marca Bristo

TRIBUNE PROFILE: MARCA BRISTO Champion for rights of disabled. Click here for article.

Constance Laymon

CONSTANCE LAYMONExecutive Director, Consumer Directed Choices, Inc.

Paralyzing Fall Sets Woman on Quest to Help Others Get Better Care. Click here for more.

From OSERS and other Sources  Bio On Judy Heumann New in yellow star burst
More on Judy Heumann as As Assistant Secretary for OSERS 
Patricio ":Pat" Figueroa, Jr.

From Alive Magazine and Magicpen.Org

Interview with Pat Figueroa, Creator of ILUSA.COM

Bio and More information on Pat Figueroa, Click here.

Author of, "Melissa and the Magic Pen"

Greg Smith, Radio and Media Personality

From the Wall Street Journal

On A Roll' radio's host and founder, Greg Smith

From American Health

Denise Figueroa: Former President of NCIL

From the Wall Street Journal

Fred Fay the Force Behind the Justice For All

TeddyKennedy Jr

A Short Bio on Teddy Kennedy, Jr., Keynoter for the CSUN Conference

Harriet McBryde Johnson, dead at 50.Harriet McBryde Johnson,

This is Harriet's NY Times obituary. Click here for more.

A collection of Harriet's articles, photographs, and other links.Click here for site

Harriet McBryde Johnson Celebrating the Life of Harriet McBryde Johnson: A Website for Memories, Photos, and Links Click here for site.

Harriet McBryde Johnson, a tenacious, well-known Charleston disability and civil rights attorney, died suddenly Wednesday. She was 50. Click here for article.

Attorney who protested Jerry Lewis telethon dies

David Pfeiffer, Ph. D.

Founding Editor, DAVID PFEIFFER, 1934-2003.

David Pfeiffer Passes On.

From We Magazine

Donna Shalala, Secretary HHS

The late Fredda Zames, Ph. D,

This website is to be made by everybody. It is about discovering Frieda through the tributes. Anybody who cares to write on this website can do so. It will be on this URL until a permanent website for Frieda Zames is developed. Please share your thoughts, anecdotes, feelings...

Frieda Zames, 72, Advocate, Author, Activist for People with Disabilities, dies. Click here for article.

Dr. Henry Viscardi

Dr. Henry Viscardi, Jr., Founder of Abilities, Inc., Dies. Click here for more.

From New Mobility Magazine ...and Justin for All: A Profile of Justin Dart
From CIL Berkeley

Ed Roberts, Prophet of IndependenceNew in yellow star burst

More On Ed Roberts

From We Magazine

Stephen Hawking


We Remember Paul Hearne

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