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...And He Will Give You Rest, Chronic Illness/Pain Newsletter A ministry for those with illness or pain.
Bethany Deaf Church - Kirkwood, MO
Bethphage Mission Serves persons with developmental disabilities, and their families.
CAM - Computerized AIDS Ministries
Cavalry Lutheran Church for the Deaf Des Moies, Fort Dodge & Ames, Iowa
Center for the Study of Religion and Disability This page is a resource for those looking for information relating to the natural support given by local churches to those with disabilities.
Center for Ministry with People with Disabilities
Deaf Fellowship for Jesus
Crossroads Christian Fellowship with disabled persons in NSW, Australia
DAMI Disability Awareness Ministry
Deaf Ministry There goal is to remove the communication and attitudinal barriers that separate deaf persons from their hearing families and church, and to enable deaf persons to attend and belong to the church of their choice.
Deaf Ministry of Grace Baptist Church - Newport, NC.
Disability Awareness Ministries Inc. "Accessibility is the attitude that welcomes the gifts of everyone."
Faith in Action
Family Village Worship Resources
Friendship Ministries We start groups for the spiritual nurture of people with mental impairments.
Handicappers Outreach for Christ
Human Disability and the Service of God
JAF MINISTRIES is a not-for-profit Christian organization dedicated to accelerating Christian ministry in the disability community...
Legacy Ministries Full - gospel, evangelical ministry organization with multiple focus', including owning and operating a 24 hour residential care and rehabilitation center in Missouri to support, educate and train individuals who are develpmentally and/or communicationally disabled.
Made in the Image Home Page
Mariposa Ministry -A Discipleship Ministry of Persons with Disabilities
Mennonites and People with Disabilities Mennonite interest in helping people with disabilities can be traced back to the Dordrecht Confession (1631)
Princeton Religion Research Center
The Religion & Disability Program from the National Organization on Disability
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Program to Improve Catholic Religious Education for Children and Adults with Mental Retardation
A comprehensive Catholic religious education program written in a developmental mode and appropriate for use in the inclusive classroom, the specialized classroom, or in the home setting.
Shirley's ParishDisabilityAdvocacyPage There are forty-three million people with disabilities in America. They differ in strengths and weaknesses, abilities and needs, as much as any group differ. Faith communities should welcome every one of them.
The Special Gathering A ministry within the mentally challenged community. Titusville -- Cocoa -- Melbourne, Florida
The Religion & Disability Program Overview Conferences National Interfaith Summit Interfaith Guides Receive Info Ginny Thornburgh presents a copy of the award-winning guide "That All May Worship" to member.
UMC Deaf Ministry Goal is to remove communication, architectural and attitudinal barriers that seperate deaf and disabled persons from their families and church, and enable these persons to attend and belong to the church of their choice.
Wolk Center for the Jewish Deaf - RIT/NTID allows Jewish Deaf students to become familiar with and express their identity as Jews.

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